March 22, 2009

Hot Fix: Lords Are Now Of Sane Mind

I like that Mythic is being a tad playful about it's announcement for fixing a bug that's been causing outcries since the first fort take.
"Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause Fortress and Keep Lords to display erratic behavior, abandoning their guards and fighting alone on the ground floor of the Keep or Fortress. Lords will now remain on the appropriate floor with their guards during the entire battle."
Because it was the Lords' fault all along: they had gone crazy and decided that they didn't need any guards and that it was their house; they could go wherever they wanted to.

1 comment:

  1. Those kooky Lords. Gah bless 'em. I think you should be able to pull the lords anywhere in the RvR lake but the further he gets away from his tether the more powerful he gets. Kite him to the WC!!!