March 5, 2009

Twisting Tower the Best Part. Swearing at Witch Hunters

My experiences so far with 1.2 have been mostly positive. Too much info for full paragraphs so some quick bullet points here:

  • My Hoeth specced, S&B Swordmaster still rocks the house in damage.

  • Twisting Tower scenario is sweet: 18 people? Hell Yes. The easiest to PUG and still win. It is also the hardest scenario to heal in I've ever seen. LOS is always getting broken.
  • Disregard my last comment about healing if you spam group heals. You will be in heaven in this scenario.

  • Speaking of PUGing, Order's strategy most of the time is to zerg the top-most room, feeding off of a slow trickle of diversionary kills, while destruction caps the points and wins by more than 200 points.
  • Me taking one for the team

  • The Greenskin oRvR lake PQ would be awesome if I could ever get a group going for it.
  • The exp bar now shows all of your rested exp. It looks great because I have a ton (the benefits of casual play).

  • The choppas and slayers duking it out make for a great place for Black Orcs to hide.
  • I didn't realize how many people pronounced slayers "slayas" until I spelled it that way by accident just now. This needs to stop. Dwarves wouldn't be caught dead speaking orcish so lets all go back to pronouncing in "slayERS" like we were meant too.

  • Squared addon is wonky now. It doesn't refresh right anymore. This isn't Mythic's fault but it's still annoying.

  • I've picked up 20 Glyph covered map pieces, but none of the other two kinds *sad face*.

  • Zone Domination hasn't visibly changed T3 oRvR for me. In_T4_though, it seems to cater to off-hours capping very easily.

  • Witch Hunters getting through posterns have ruined all of my attempts to solo defend a keep. I screeched like a little girl the first time it happened. I'm deeply considering leveling up my Witch Elf before counter measures to this become commonplace.

  • I don't see very many Witch Elves anymore. I'm lucky if there is two per warband.

  • Being able to hear my Zealot say "Bollocks!" on command with the new /swear emote makes me entirely too happy for such a little thing.

That's it for now. More updates as they happen

Wide Eyed Wall

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  1. My squared addon has been funky for a while, even before 1.2 came out. I haven't noticed anything extra screwy since, but, then again, I haven't been playing much due to my lag problems.