March 9, 2009

What I'm Up To. A Promise to Return

So I've secured early Slayer and Choppa action and I've gone back into hibernation. Not for getting bored of the game at all (I'm still enjoying every day that I get to log in) but because I'm deep into my other nerd pursuits.

Since Psychonauts, I've gone on an adventure gaming binge and it'll be a while before I'm done with that. I've replayed all 4 Ace Attorney games which let me tell you, was no small feat. I finally finished off Hotel Dusk to get sweet, sweet closure. Hyde was an interesting character. I then finished Time Hollow in 2 days, but I have mixed feelings about it. I enjoyed the premise and the mystery, but thought that the characters were all so uninteresting. So very, very uninteresting. I only finished the game out of an instinctive need to.

Right now I'm playing through Grim Fandango, A Vampyre story, and the not so recently translated Fate/stay Night. I won't be writing any blog updates on these as I want to keep this a WAR-centric blog but now you know what I'm doing with my gaming time.

Also, with the new Watchmen movie out, I've pulled out and reread most of my trade paperbacks and picked up new ones so I'm also on a comic book binge right now.

Bear with me, because soon, I'll be catching up on all of the anime I've fallen behind on or forgotten about. The cycle that is my obsessive impulses will return to focus on WAR, but right now it's secondary. Or tertiarty.

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