February 3, 2009

Keep Quest Test. An Easier Challenge?

Today I had the pleasure of testing out the quests given by a keep lord. Quest actually. It was a kill twenty people, while in the general area of the keep, while your realm owns the keep quest. And lo and behold I found myself defending Dok Karaz. And turning in the quest three times. The BO sergeant's quests are the same thing, but probably won't see as much action.
This but thrice

As an aside, this makes it easier (slightly) for anyone who's taking the RvR-only challenge as my level 20 Zealot's been doing. I have to say it's slow going, unless you're defending keeps for an extended period of time, or winning scenarios. That's not to say it isn't fun though. No, it's the most fun I've had with a character yet, but details about this I will save for a later post.

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