February 4, 2009

There's Something About Mandred. Hiding In The Forest With Witch Elves

This is my last experience before leaving T2 and it was a pretty great one. Taking Mandred's Hold. You may not understand what this is like for Destruction on my server, but here's why it was so great. See, Order seems to have a special to-do list when it comes to oRvR and this is what it is:

  • Take undefended keeps and BOs while avoiding any kind of resistance.

  • If Mandred's is lit up on the map, you must drop everything as no other zone matters.

  • Defend Mandred's at all costs. Pack all of tier 2 in there. Don't even bother with Stonetroll Keep. It's not important. Neither is trying to take back any other zone, because as long as we hunker down here, destruction has no choice but to feed us kills for three hours.

"Mine! All Mine! Destruction cannot have it! Everything else though? Fair game."

Finally capturing it took forever. Like, 9 till 2am forever. The offense tick for finally taking the keep was insane. The night was a long chain of trying to beat down the door, being pushed to our warcamp (then I would take one of the camp siege weapons and pick people off which was much fun), pushing them back to the keep, then someone would take BOs, and then it would start again. To mix things up during the open field battles, I sent tells to a few Witch Elves in the warband to follow me. A plan was in motion.

While the warbands fought each other as blobs of RDPS that wouldn't dare get close lest they catch cooties, my little group of me and three Witch Elves (big pimpin, eh?) moved off to the side a bit and hid in the trees. Correction; they hid in the trees, while I goaded Witch Hunters and White Lions to come attack me. They would then get jumped while we shared a laugh. Sometimes a WP and/or a tank would tag along to make our lives more difficult, but we could always run into our safe, happy zerg. This was the best of both worlds: being part of the large, epic battle, and fighting the small, quick and intense skirmishes that feel oh so rewarding.

We actually only took Mandred's because there were about 5 Order left still logged in by that time. The lesson here is that winners never sleep.

Obligatory scoreboard screenshot #46

I also came 1st in contribution, because I was siegeing it the whole time. Then I rolled a 178. But who needs chestpeices right?


  1. Nice work on the keep. I bet it was rewarding to see that thing drop after four hours of work. :)

    On an unrelated note: How can you play with the grid frames in your face? It's driving me nuts just looking at the screencap!

  2. I guess I just have anti-annoyance eyes? No most of the time, I'm looking at the grid instead of the rest of the screen anyway. And I've had it so long it's just become part of the background.