February 11, 2009

Pet Peeves and Eye Twiches

I have certain pet peeves when it comes to WAR. These aren't the earth-shattering, make you want to quit, "Why Mythic, why?!?!" kind of grievances. No, these are just the kinds that make me twitch without knowing that I'm twitching. These are the kinds that have no bearing on the game and don't need a bug report to fix, but that I wish I could. I'll make it a list. A top 10 list.

  1. Killing the same White Lion's pet 10 times in a row, without seeing a hint of the elf himself. Would it kill you to show your face once in a while? Well it probably would bit it's still annoying.

  2. Getting focus fired. Would you guys stop it already? There's like 8 others guys around me, do they not look good enough to you?

  3. Having a "Defend the Keep" quest with 19 out of 20 kills done when the siege defense ends. Because great, now I have to wait for them to siege it without it being a ninja siege all over again.

  4. Witch Elves that wear capes. Why do you gotta block the view? What else am I supposed to look at while waiting for a BO to cap?

    One of these Witch Elves knows where it's at

  5. Moving up a Tier without a maxed out oRvR influence bar. What am I gonna do, go afk as a chicken during keep and BO captures? Because that's bound to be fun. I guess I could roll in an RvR-server, but then that would solve my problem and this list isn't for finding solutions.

  6. In an RvR server, being ganked by groups of lvl 20s in Tier 1. Is it really that much fun? Does getting kills labelled as "trivial" really feel worth your time and effort? (Well, lack of effort anyway.)

  7. How Dark Elves never thank you for doing any of their quests. It's always "You did alright, I guess" "I still think nothing of you," "I guess I'll have to watch my back now that you know my secrets," and "You were only my pawn, used so that I didn't have to dirty my hands. Idiot." Anyone who can stick it out and level in DE lands is seriously masochistic.

  8. Capture Points and BO flags blocking your Line of Sight. Listen, I know Elves are skinny and all, but to be able to hide behind a pole just seems ridiculous. Black Orcs are easily ten times the width of a flag, but I guess I can't see him? Mythic must think that their characters are loony toons.

    This cat knows how to hide behind a pole

  9. The run from Spite's Reach to Cascade's. It is a brutal distance between keeps, and it's in a tier where almost nobody has mounts. Having to release while attacking or defending it is a brutal affair.

  10. The look of the Zealot's first helmets. A headband with beads? What am I, a hippy? Now the later helmets look pretty cool, but maybe that's just because anything would have been an improvement.
    *Update* I also have up a list up of my ten_anti-peeves.


  1. 11. In T2 the Ostland keep is 30secs from order WC and the Ostland keep to Destro warcamp is like 1 1/2 mins (this could just be my perception). Gross imbalance if you ask me. You wipe an order WB at Kinchels and they're at the back door again before your health bar is full.

  2. I wonder how many non-blogging WAR players read and comment in blogs?

  3. Yeah the Ostland one was pretty bad too. And to the last comment I don't know. Not very many as I know I never commented until I had a blog going.

  4. I will continue to wear my cape. I don't care what you say.

  5. Good list! Being able to hide behind the pole/flag is really annoying.