February 5, 2009

Ragtag Defense Success Story Can't Do Anything Else. Then Mopes.

I failed to take a keep today. Three keeps. Let me start from the beginning. I'm good at being on the alert and starting a group for quick, impromptu keep defense, which is what happened. Successfully. Once we wiped order though, I figured, we have almost a full warband: about 10 tanks too. We should take some keeps back. So I put out the call again and we rush to the other Empire keep. There was about 5 defenders. The thing about having ten tanks is that with having that many and an unfull warband, we only had 3 healers. That's not a lot of heals to spread around. We never made it past the oil.

I do not have a picture as it would be full of shame

So we dusted ourselves off and went for some dwarf keeps. We got pushed back by meager defenses twice more there as well. I definitely need more getting used to how T3 works, and general Warband leading as I didn't do a terribly productive job of anything. Granted it wasn't an ideal set-up, but we could have succeeded in something

Why Mythic? Why are defended T3 keeps so hard to take by a small force with an unbalanced healer/tank/DPS ratio? You ruined my afternoon and I think I need to go for a nap.


  1. It is insane how little defenders it takes to thwart a keep assault. Part of it, though, is that most of the time the attackers only resemble a cohesive unit. They're actually a ragtag bunch of individuals wearing a group disguise. I've seen an entire attacking warband get picked off slowly and methodically by only four people, stopping the assault dead in it's tracks.

  2. Yeah, we were ragtag to the max.