January 22, 2009

A Blog Gets Noticed. Take His Bait

I have to commend Biel's blogging goals as it seems like exactly what Paul Barnett mentioned in his interview, specifically the "How to get noticed by Mythic" question. A blog dedicated to posting about issues that need addressing while trying to also be a platform for every body's 2 cent's worth.

If commentors can come out of the woodwork and voice their opinions in a non forum-whining way, this could end up being a great resource. It will reduce the awkwardness of trying to wade through the countless WarhammerAlliance posts, and be a central area to gripe and make constructive criticisms. If it can stay organized and get a good community of posters around it, I do believe it will be the bees knees. More power to ye Biel Warbringer.

This is how I picture Biel in my mind, due entirely to his last name.

Also, how can you not get replies when you start off with such bait as What parts of Order are OP? Especially since everyone and their little sister seems to be rolling a Warrior Priest right now.

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