January 21, 2009

Keep Chaos. I'm Not Sorry

Last night there was some intense T2 keep taking on the Badlands server. It was great fun, but also impossible for either side to take a keep that had a defense up. The picture on the right there shows how all of the sieges ended. The defense ticks were worth a lot though.
So our Warband went to take an undefended keep. I single-handedly caused all of the planning to go out the window. It was going fine until half the group rushed the lord while the other half ran to the balcony. The thing is that the lord and a champion decided to follow the balcony group, of which I was a part. So the lord finished off a bunch of us before running back to the middle, where everyone was wiped. Thankfully a healer was alive and slowly, everybody got rezzed. But that wasn't where I messed up. No, my Story starts now.
See the group was all planning about who to pull, when and whatnot. I, being bored, decided to look in on the lord room to, you know, scout the going-ons and happenings and stuff. I also happened to walk into the Lord room because that's where the best view is. After getting my eyeful I then decided to report back to the group so they could finish their plans. Little did I know, I had attracted some followers who didn't want me alive. They then proceeded to attack my group, who fought back valiantly to win the day, with me as the only casualty. The chat after that was hilarious. Cries of "Who did that?" "don't pull yet! stop fighting" "FUKKEN NOOBS!" were the order of the day.
Nobody appreciates scouts these days.

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