January 21, 2009

Population Balance. Order Just Average Bears?

So the herald has a post up about the population balance in WAR. It seems that its cause is to put out the forum fires of "destro always fields more than us so we can't win". The average for all servers in exp and rp gain is 50/50, the only sticking point being a slight 49/51 population in favor of destruction. Does this mean that Order just whines more?
Also, since the populations are so equal, this quote needs some consideration:
"The most successful groups in any game have appointed strong leaders who give orders, players who listen to those orders and react quickly, loyal guild Alliances that work together, carefully calculated strategies"
With negligible population differences, and destruction winning all of the time, does this mean that the destro players fly against the stereotype of being noob zergers? Are they actually smarter than the average bear? because it seems now that they just have more organization than Order. Maybe the people that roll Order are just PvE carebears.

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