January 22, 2009

The Real Way To Thank A Healer: by Obliterating Them

There was a happening recently. Something to change my views about playing my zealot and making it all seem worthwhile. See I was the only zealot in a full T2 warband (but there were shamans and DoKs). Out of nowhere a squigherder sends me a tell: "Need Obliterator boots?" and a trade window popped up. I asked for how much but he said it was free. Now that is what I call going above and beyond for thanking for a rez.

His reasoning: It was as thanks for rolling a healer. His personal policy is to not charge healers for anything as they should be respected. So hats off to this sguigherder, as he knows not to blame the healer.

Also, I'd managed to get a gold bag in one keep take so all's I need are the gloves from a vendor and 2 levels and I've got the Obliterator set. Though a 2 level bonus to scourge is a shitty deal, as I haven't used that skill for about 10 levels.

Can you believe this is the first image result for "Obliterator"?

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