January 28, 2009

A Fight That Wouldn't End.

WAR is full of stories of battle. 1V1s where you survive with 100 HP left, pulling off a big heal just in time, unstealthing and stabbing a RDPS to death in 3 seconds, and lots of other things to brag to your family about while they stare out the window and sigh heavily about being related to you. This is not one of those exciting stories.

Have you ever seen, or taken part in a duel between a Zealot and a Rune Priest? It is just awful. High healing, low damage (with no damage spec tree), and limited CCing, there's just no killing potential. I got into one once and it took over five minutes until the Rune Priest just ran into the warcamp, meaning it hadn't actually ended. And it never would have. There are some classes that weren't meant to win one-on-ones, but now I know that there are some classes that were never meant to fight each other, lest they battle until their subscriptions expire.

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