January 22, 2009

Dire Signs. A Disclaimer of Lies

Signs You've Been Playing Too Much WAR

    • You go to church and are genuinely confused about the priest's lack of a hammer. You then call him a wuss and leave to follow a "real priest".

    • In a group project your boss/teacher says that everyone has to pitch in. You tell them that contribution is broken anyway and it doesn't matter how much work you do, the new guy will get all of the credit.
    • You watch the Van Helsing movie, and wonder why he never goes stealth.
    • You horde black and white food coloring, thinking that you can sell it on eBay for hundreds of dollars.
    • You think clock towers gain twelve levels at noon everyday. You then tell it 'gratz'.
    • You are immediately opposed to any political campaign promising change as your quest to stop Tzeentch is never ending.
    • You happen by a raven in the street and bow to it, asking for gifts.
    • You fear to be around all redheads unless a fire extinguisher is within 100 feet.
    • You wear all silk clothing, thinking that the set bonus will make you stronger.
    • You've considered jumping off of a cliff to get bragging rights.

Disclaimer: None of these examples have happened to me. If you identify with any of these, or know someone that does, I feel for you.

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