February 16, 2009

Monday Update in tha House. A Good Idea at the End

Downtime seems to be non-existent in Tier 3 for now. The only problem being that scenarios don't queue all that often and when they do, well, let's just say that I'm on a bit of a losing streak and I odn't want to talk about it*pout*. I do have one gripe with oRvR right now but it's nobody at Mythic's fault.

My gripe is Order's oRvR strategy. It doesn't happen every night so I think it's one certain warband leader's doing but it's so frustrating when it happens. It consists of not putting up a defense anywhere until Destruction owns everything but one keep, and then shoring up in that keep with 3 warbands for the rest of the night. Never leaving to take a BO. Never leaving to a different zone. This leaves us with no choice but to attack a keep that has more defenders than attackers, while Order gets to farm to their heart's content. It's not even like their outnumbered because they squash us whenever they do decide to roll out and get some fighting in.

I never thought that I would find something that I hate more than keep swapping, and that's the total absence of keep swapping. So my options are to get farmed or nothing, eh? Well, I guess I can wait in the other keep, but then I'm not fighting anything and where's the fun in that?

Crafting-wise, I haven't done anything at all, which is gonna bite me in the behind later. My best bet for crafting right now would be to wait for the new patch, and then become a talisman maker/magical salvager or normal salvager.

I have one final gripe and that has to do with this screenshot:

Do you know what would be awesome, and really help towards making RvR the best way to level? If, when your RR is capped at 99% waiting for your real rank to catch up (happens constantly), you got a boost to exp. This would work by, say, any Renown that goes to waste just becomes straight exp. It's so annoying seeing all of those renown ticks that go nowhere for the last 50-30% of every level I've gained so far. I know it's to balance out those that PvE and RvR and make sure that your RR doesn't get too behind your real Rank, but why punish those that only RvR?
That's it for this week.

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