February 28, 2009

Why Can't wcPI have a catchy acronym?

So I have joined up with the WCPI. Nothing warms my heart more than some link love, and I link to others often enough that the only thing that will really change will be my post titles. I started blogging near the end of the Age of Blogging so I know how great community cross promotion is. It's only natural that I take part in this too.

My first recommendation will be towards http://spearheadblog.com. Mark's posts, while being intelligent and well written, almost always teach me things. His Shooting_Range posts are well done theorycrafting. Though his best posts come from his War College series. Reading things like these makes me glad I'm not an alliance leader, but then this comes along and makes me feel like I'm a terrible warband leader. All of this logistics talk and group duties and such make me glad that I'm just a peon.


  1. WAR-bloggers love the idea of WCPI and opportunity despite the acronym. It's like a really attractive woman with a bad name.

  2. A quick note that you've been singled out by the Propaganda Office in conjunction with WCPI and your strange doppleganger-like abilities, no charges pressed just yet - but agents are watchin' ya; if you see anything inappropriate just drop me a line. Thank you for your review, too! Have a good one & happy hunting!


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