February 12, 2009

Of Banner Taking and Tutorials

So I stole my first banner awhile ago. I was part of a group (about half a warband) that snuck up on about 5 guys trying to take a BO by themselves. Needless to say we wiped them. In the confusion I went for their banner, because my partners don't really need heals now do they? They can heal themselves. So I squatted for 15 seconds and then BAM! A renown bonus and morale boost. The thing is, that no one else in the group could figure out where the bonus came from. I told them it was from capping their banner, only to be met with the internet equivalent of a blank stare. "You can do that?" one of them asked.
To be fair, their stares were pretty blank to start with

Is this one of those things, like what to do during a city seige, and what wards are (actually got asked this today), that players just don't know? I remember learning about how to capture banners from a herald post somewhere, but how many players (especially new ones) read through the herald's archives? I think that there are definiety some things that need either a revamped tooltip, a tooltip in the first place, or one of those tutorial pop-ups that everyone turns off after their second alt. Sometimes, there are players that aren't familiar with every manual, dev post and FAQ page. Sometimes, the game itself just needs to hold your hand that little bit more.

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