February 1, 2009

A Plan fails. The Oil is The Most Fun You Will Ever Have.

Wasn't planning on posting today but I had quite the oRvR experience and I do believe you are going to hear about it. There's really nothing you can do to stop it as it's already to late.
So Dok Karaz (T2 keep) lights up and I run over to see what the deal is. A couple other destros follow me so I open up the party menu to see if there's already a warband going. Lucky me there wasn't so I hatched a plan. A plan to lead my first warband and have it not take part in musical keeps.

I started an open party, made it a warband (it filled up insanely fast) and sent out a call to arms to defend our keep. I figured if there wasn't actually any order there then we would go around and take BOs and keeps until they decided to muster a force up, and then we would fight them, win or lose. Turns out there was two Order bands versus our one. We wiped and not wanting to lose my warband, I suggested (with tears in my eyes) that we take another keep, which we did. We then went back to Dok Karaz and took it back.

This is when I tried to salvage my original plan. "Wait here," I said, "The Order zerg will be here soon and then we can farm them." It was a reasonable suggestion. Too bad nobody listened to their esteemed leader, with cries of "There's too many of them," "we can take Mandred's,"and "I want my influence and chestpiece." Fighting all of a sudden became a bad thing. I let them leave but I stayed.

Me and the rest of the defenders

Let them play musical BOs, I thought, I can wait. Eventually, Order did come. I manned the oil and got more than a few kills. They eventually broke through obliterated me, but not in the good way. In the end I probably got more renown than them, but most important of all, I had a lot more fun.

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